About us





Ezgadgets, is a tech savvy company that was established in the year 2007/8. We provide comprehensive, end-to-end services, primarily focused on hardware and software technology services  within the information, communication and technology space of business and life. Our services offering is designed within a catalog purposefully constructed to allow our business the flexibility to meet our customers’ needs and requirements.

Our customer base comprises of a unique blend of private home users, small business owners and small to medium enterprise business. This is attributed to a very strategic manner in which the company was launched. The dynamic personality, culture and characteristics of the company is a direct reflection of the managing partners. The extensive and unique knowledge and experience, which is a combined 60 years, that each partner contributes to the company  ensures subject matter expertise and advice to our customers.

The online shop at, www.ezgadgets.co.za, was our preferred choice to launch into the vast domain of electronic gadgets. We offer our customer the opportunity to purchase electronic gadgets across an extensive category of products from well-established international brands, and to have their order delivered to their door anywhere in South Africa.